Interior Design

Landed Property @ Serangoon

The eclectic design accentuates our homeowner’s affection for lively colours and earthy elements.

Our interior design direction was to be able to encapsulate our homeowners’ preference for bold colours. The central focus was to synchronise the stimulating wall and cabinet colours with the luxury Marsala Red Sofa Accent that we've picked. Made with real bovine leather from Italy, we paired this incredibly comfortable leather accent with softer lines of natural wood for the blinds and colourful elements of nature.

For their expandable lifestyles over the weekends and festive seasons, we designed a handful of multi-functional furniture and cabinets, from living to dining spaces and even their service balcony. For the finishing touches to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere, our stylists curated quality accessories from original designers in Denmark, Italy and Australia.

All elements, be they built-in or movable, were designed and curated for our homeowners to transform their spaces without much hassle.

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