What are the delivery and collection charges?

For Property Staging Packages, the delivery and collection charges are included within our packages. For additional removal, disposal and transport of your existing furniture, quotation may be enquired separately. For Interior Styling Projects, our Services do not include delivery fees which would be chargeable by the furniture and home accessories company to which


How can HyggeHomey elevate my home interiors?

Browse or search, using keywords, and be inspired by the well-designed styles. The integration process of creating these styles with HyggeHomey and/or renowned brands enables home stylists to offer homeowners greater value at a reasonable price range.


Are the home stylists with HyggeHomey trustworthy individuals?

Our home stylists are curated and recruited with a criterion of attitude and aptitude, dedicated to delivering their services responsibly. Our measurements have been put in place to ensure quality and value, as described. We regard our buyers’ feedback earnestly so do let us know if you have had any bad experience.


Are there different home stylists with similar styles?

Our home stylists take ownership in their design and creation of services. The HyggeHomey integration process generates unique styles where the coincidence of exact styles is unlikely. What you could find instead are varied styles under the same trend or style.


How do I purchase a service?

When you complete the payment process after clicking on the ‘Instant Book’ button, your intent-to-purchase is complete. Emails are instantly sent to all parties – home stylist of service, HyggeHomey and you – and the service is close-to-ready for delivery. There is no further hidden cost because all costs of services include the described styling, furniture, home products and other related services needed to complete the styling.


When can the service be rendered after the purchase?

Home stylists do list their schedules on the detail page of the service, with the general openness to your availability. An initial consultation date and time would be arranged via a WhatsApp conversation before the styling service could be delivered. This is to facilitate the taking of measurements and any other styling-related matters, for example, the arrangement of delivery. The homeowner who made the purchase must be present during the initial consultation. However, for the service delivery, if the homeowner is unable to be present, do prepare a signed letter of authorization to delegate the ownership to a representative. During the initial consultation with our home stylists, a copy of the letter of authorization would be given.


I do not have WhatsApp; how can I communicate with the home stylists?

We use WhatsApp for its multi-functions of free text and calls over WIFI as well as its media space to share photos that would not take up data space on your phone. We are also able to engage in emails and charged messages/calls where the cost is entirely absorbed by each party.


I have arranged a date and time with the home stylist but I am suddenly unavailable to be present, what can I do?

We strongly encourage you to uphold the arranged date and time as there could be living organisms bought to complete the service or arranged delivery of items to your house. We seek your understanding for this matter. You may delegate the ownership to a representative by preparing a signed letter of authorization. During the initial consultation with our home stylists, a copy of the letter of authorization would be given.


Can I change to another service after a purchase of a service?

For purchased services, we regret that we are unable to do a refund. Any resolution would have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The good news is all purchased services can be completed at any date, up to a maximum of 2 months from the date of purchase.  

What methods of payment can I use?

We accept credit and debit cards or through PayPal accounts.


Why must I sign the acknowledgement slip upon service delivery?

This slip is to be signed by you, acknowledging your receipt of delivery of the specified home styling service package. It works like a receipt for your personal use. Other third-party items listed within would be for reference only and hence strictly not covered under our Terms Of Service.


Who do I contact for any query or dispute?

Feel free to contact HyggeHomey. However, do note the 3-days response time where an earlier response is possible but not definite. For matters regarding change of items or delivery date, contact the home stylist directly. For matters of fraud or complaint, contact HyggeHomey via


What else do I need to take note for successful service delivery?

We would like to seek your co-operation for some common trouble spots:

  • MULTIPLE SERVICE DELIVERIES FOR ONE HOME STYLIST – Our home stylists are their own project managers to manage their own time. Work with them to discuss a delivery date and time that suit you and can be fulfilled by them.
  • UNABLE TO ACCESS THE ELEVATOR FOR NON-BULKY ITEMS – Our home stylists are present to coordinate and seek confirmation from you to carry the items through the staircase.
  • UNABLE TO ACCESS THE ELEVATOR WITH BULKY ITEMS – If the delivery team has difficulty in accessing your apartment through the elevator, they are to seek confirmation with you to carry the items through the staircase. Should they be allowed to proceed with the staircase in a non-hazardous condition, additional charges are paid by you directly to the delivery company which the home stylist has hired for a normal delivery. The amount is to be indicated by the delivery team and paid to them upon completion of delivery. This fee is also applicable to stairs within landed properties or HDB maisonette. If the lifting process is deemed hazardous, (i.e. items prone to damage on the narrow stairway, obstruction of passageway), and deemed unfeasible based on our assessment; we reserve the right to cancel the service delivery. All items to be returned to us shall be restocked and refunded, less delivery and home stylist's service fee.
  • INCORRECT DELIVERY ADDRESS OR NOT PRESENT TO RECEIVE DELIVERY – Measures have been taken by the home stylist to ensure the correct address has been noted and an available date and time have been fixed to your convenience. Should this happen, all undelivered furniture and products would be returned to its distribution centres and restocked. The home stylist would then contact you to arrange for the next available delivery with a restocking fee of 15% for services valued below S$500, or cap at S$150 for services valued equivalent or above S$500.
  • REFUSAL OF ENTRY BY BUILDING MANAGEMENT – Should this happen, delivery would be rescheduled accordingly with a restocking fee of 15% per service delivery for invoice valued below S$500, or S$150 per service delivery valued equivalent or above S$500. The home stylist, on behalf of HyggeHomey, reserves the right to reschedule the delivery, subject to availability of next delivery slot.
  • RECEIVING SERVICE PACKAGE – When receiving purchased items as described on the service's detail page, you or your appointed representative should inspect the items and/or services before the home stylist leaves the premise. If you identify any imperfection, please email us at with photos of the defective item(s) to facilitate our investigation. Do note the 3-days response time where an earlier response is possible but not definite. In the event an exchange could not be made, HyggeHomey reserves the rights to offer a substitute or refund. All replacement of items would depend on its current availability or next available shipment. If you or your representative do not want to inspect the furniture, products and/or services at the point of delivery, it would be deemed that the service has been accepted in satisfactory order and condition hence complaints of any discrepancies at a later stage would not be entertained.